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What are the benefits of semi private training?

We get it, Personal Training isn’t the cheapest service around and it really doesn’t suit everyone. For starters, being put in a 1 on 1 scenario with a complete stranger in what can be a vulnerable environment and then asked to give your best physical effort can be stressful in itself. Additionally, the session can leave you feeling self conscious of how you look or how you performed. Then lets add to that the cost you need to pay to get a good service and that’s hoping you find a trainer that’s more interested in you than themselves!

On more than one occasion our clients have come back to us and said they can’t believe they keep paying us to put them through what they call “torture”! We of course know that they’re coming back because they feel as though they’re getting a quality service and they see a return on the transaction but like we mentioned above, “it’s not the cheapest service'“ so what are some other options you can look at?

Semi Private Personal Training is a great way to get both, value for money and not feel completely exposed to the 1 on 1 environment!

If you haven’t heard of Semi Private Personal Training before we’ll quickly explain what you may expect should you choose to book one in.

Firstly the cost per person is lowered. The price of the session is higher but of course if you’re splitting the price with a friend or family member, you’re actually saving money, it may even allow you the opportunity to extend the session and get an extra 15 minutes should you wish to do so.

Joining in on a Semi Private Personal Training session allows you to share the experience with another person, share in some banter but most importantly you know that whatever you’re going through, the other 1, 2 or even 3 people will be feeling exactly the same way!

Don’t have someone that wants to join you? Quite often you can contact your trainer to see if there are others in the same boat as yourself and they’ll have a few candidates to help you get started. We can help you out.

We’d love to hear your thoughts/ experiences on Semi Private Personal Training should you be looking to get started or you’ve previously tried it out. For more information check out our services or contact Justin to book a session.

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