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Ky  -  Mobile PT Client

"Justin has been the perfect personal trainer for someone that is a complete beginner to the fitness industry. He takes the time to understand your goals, and embarks you on a steady journey to achieving them. He has an innate ability to push you to your own limits and motivate you to take a further step with every session. A training session with him never feels like pure pumping iron - it is both structured but casual at the same time. I highly recommend Justin as a personal trainer for anyone wanting to start with personal training!"

Katie  -  Mobile PT Client

"Nothing is ever too hard for Justin. I will say I want to do something crazy and he does everything he can to help me achieve the goal. Justin really does care, not only as a personal trainer but a friend. Because of Justin I was able to complete a 115km run in May. He was there for my first 5km and last 5km. Running in rain and all! Helping me get an all-time 5km and 1km pb."

Claire  -  Mobile PT Client

"Justin is flexible with my disability and willing to work around that by trying all sorts of different techniques and exercises – never giving up on me. He is goal orientated and understands that for me maintaining mobility is a huge achievement. Justin has enabled me to get up steps more consistently, and is willing to help me work towards not using a hand rail. Justin understands that PT is different for everyone."

Amanda - Online Coach Client

"Justin is always supportive of my fitness capabilities and PT needs. I have been a mobile client and more recently have used Justin as an Online Coach. He is great at motivating me to keep going with my goals. "

Jackie  - Mobile PT Client

"Justin is very inclusive and adapts all workouts to your capability. My favourite memory with Justin was when he talked me into doing a half marathon and came along with me. It is an achievement that I am still very proud of, and he was there every step of the way to get me across the finish line. To get ready for this run I had gone to Justin for some training tips as my body was not coping well with all the training sessions I was doing. I couldn't work out why. I found out it wasn't my training techniques at all as to why my body wasn't keeping up, it was in fact because I was pregnant and my body was letting me know. This was my biggest achievement ever as I had never been able to fall pregnant naturally. I believe this happened because I was the fittest I had ever been after losing 20kg working with Justin. I will forever be grateful. "

Heather - Mobile PT Client

"I want to let Justin know what a great inspiration he has been to me. I retired at 65. I've had a busy life but suddenly phat. What to do... your classes proved my life saviour. 10 yrs later still feel inspired by the support and variety offered in your classes. Never boring, no same old same old circuits, the fun, support, and encouragement you offer is amazing. Again. I thank you."

Jason - Online Coach Client

"I am genuinely thrilled with the training experience provided by Justin. The emphasis on flexible training has been a game-changer. Life can be unpredictable, and this program's adaptability allowed me to maintain my fitness routine despite a hectic schedule. Justin tailored workouts to my availability, making fitness an integral part of my lifestyle. The flexibility extended beyond just timing, with personalized exercises accommodating my specific goals and preferences."

Amy - Online Coach Client

"I had never used an Online Coach before Justin but I'm glad I signed up. My favourite part of the experience has been the 7-day support offered. Knowing that assistance is available every day has instilled a sense of commitment and accountability in my fitness journey. Justin's responsiveness has been incredible, providing quick answers to queries and adjustments to my training plan. It's not just about the workouts; it's the peace of mind knowing that expert guidance is just a message away. "

Todd - Online Coach Client

"Having Justin as an Online Coach that provides flexible training and 7-day support has been a transformative decision for me. The customised approach to my fitness goals, paired with the adaptability to my schedule, has made staying active a seamless part of my routine."



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