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Begining to push your limits with personal training in adelaidE

Push Your Limits Personal Training began in Modbury, Adelaide in January 2017. We have since grown to mobile pt and online pt, allowing anyone the flexibility and convenience of support, health and fitness anywhere and anytime with Personal Training in Adelaide.


Our Adelaide based Personal Training business came about when Head Trainer and Founder Justin Beard retired from the International Squash Circuit in 2015. Having spent the majority of his life playing sport at a high level, he knew that it was privilege to do so. He also knew that many have been held back from doing what they wanted due to excess weight and he wanted to play a role in helping them discover a better life. Justin has created a close knit community with all clients being encouraged to share their stories within the group. This enables our clients to open up, feel accepted and when this occurs the results naturally follow!

Our sole focus is on creating the best service to our customers through listening. Listening to what our clients want for themselves is far more important than what we want for them and lets be honest, if we set them goals that they didn’t fully believe in, would they do anything to achieve them….probably not. Being able to deliver what our clients came for is a very special feeling and one we take seriously.

We work with clients looking to get fitter, stronger and healthier. Whilst we don’t specialise in it, we’re always happy to give new things a go, so when a client walks in wanting to get bigger, we try and help them to the best of our knowledge. Our Motto is No Shortcuts which simply means, 20 push ups means 20 push ups….not 19. We live and train by that motto and so do our clients.

We offer Personal Training in Adelaide to our clients and place a big emphasis on “Personal”. We totally understand that every person that comes through our doors will be different from the last and that’s how we treat them. Personal Training can be a daunting process for some, others may thrive on it but we take the time to get to know you and what makes you tick. We also base our service on a holistic basis. Focussing on just one area just isn’t enough and that’s why we help clients with Nutrition and Massage as well.

You won’t find the “No Pain, No Gain” slogan in our sessions either. We work closely with each client to ensure that any niggles are picked up quickly and dealt with just as quick so that you don’t spend any longer than necessary in recovery! This is why we encourage our clients to contact us outside of sessions rather than wait until their next session.

The close knit community feel doesn’t stop in the group training sessions either! Every weekend is an opportunity for all of our clients to get together at parkrun. Push Your Limits Personal Training has created a running team for these and any other events our clients wish to try. This is what we like to call a free session, free because that’s  exactly what parkrun is, and a session because we come back and find each and every team member to run them across the line. We also encourage every other team member to go back and get at least one team mate which can lead to up to 10 people running the last member of the team across the line and celebrating the achievement with them!

To join Push Your Limits Personal Training is to be a part of a large family of similar minded people.


squash pro to Personal trainer

From the age of 19 Justin was playing squash on the International Circuit and did so for 7 years before retiring with a World Ranking of 98. Justin has continued to look for bigger and better challenges, since then as he took to long distance running, notably finishing in the top 10 in his first 50km race in 2015.


It's these traits that saw Justin gain his Certificate 4 in Fitness early in 2015 in the hope of passing his determination and willingness to Push The Limits of our physical expectations.


Justin is focussed on functional training and enjoys using nature as his gym and his constant support will help you meet goals you once thought were out of reach.


In 2016 Justin continued to study and became qualified in:

  • Fundamentals of Battling Ropes

  • Fundamentals of Mobility for Functional Training Level 1

  • Kettlebells Level 1 and 2

  • Fundamentals of Powerbag Training

  • Punchfit Boxing In 2018

  • Studio Pilates International® Matwork Course certification 2018

  • Master Functional Trainer

  • Qualified Massage Professional

  • Certified Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach

certified coach
master functional trainer

Justin became a certified Master Functional Trainer and continued to offer clients an alternative to machine based training. In keeping with the holistic approach that Push Your Limits Personal Training embodies, he became a qualified Massage Professional as well as a certified Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach in order to provide the all-round service to each client who walks in the door.


Justin’s determination to create a loving environment has rubbed off on his clients and in doing so he’s been able to experience the highest of highs right by their side. This includes a Half Marathon with a client that at the start of the year was too frightened to walk 5km and a 50km Ultra Marathon through Monarto Zoo with another.


Outside of the physical achievements from his clients, Justin’s biggest accomplishments in his eyes is helping two of his clients lose enough weight to complete their dream of starting a family! Justin gets no greater thrill than that of when he’s able to help an individual complete a life long goal, could you be next on his list?