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Shape Up-Home Workout/ Support Group

When we started our business in 2015 we wanted to start small. We had no intentions of getting too big because we knew how we wanted Push Your Limits Personal Training to look like and we weren’t confident that this would look the same should we need to employ extra staff etc. Some of these plans have changed but as time has gone on we still stand true to the style in which we wanted to run the business when we first started.

Our Personal Training sessions are all about making sure that the needs of our clients are met (as you would expect) both inside and outside of the gym. Regardless of whether a client books in for 1 session a week, 3 sessions a week or takes part in our group sessions, we make them aware that they have access to us in-between sessions so they never feel alone. On top of that, our clients have bonded and become one large family who continue to back each other in any challenge that each of them choose to take.

When a client comes to us and lets us know that they’ve decided to create a new goal, we back them wholeheartedly and in a couple of cases we’ve supported them during their event by running a half marathon with one and a 50km ultra marathon with another. This has helped us create a bond with all of our clients and helps us deliver results more often than not!

Being totally happy with our face to face service but understanding that we’re limited by time when it comes to taking on more clients, we decided to create Shape Up-Home Workouts. Shape Up - Home Workouts is an app based program that enables participants to work out from home, the park or if they wish, the gym. We’ve created a realistic and practical program for all participants to complete in their own time which requires minimal equipment and has no time restrictions. With the option of beginner, intermediate and advanced sessions, all levels of fitness are taken into account. Each daily session has a total of six exercises that you can choose to complete as many as five times, or whatever suits you on the day.

All levels of fitness are taken care of with each day providing a beginner, intermediate and advanced section for participants to choose from. Each day has a total of 6 exercises that you can choose to do 2, 3, 4 or even 5 times if time permits and if that’s too easy for you, we can always throw a suggestion your way to help you get the most from the 30 minutes of you time.

Being an app based program does have its downside though. Being at home and not needing to answer to a trainer or arrive on time can be challenging for some. No accountability often means missed sessions unless you’re motivated to see results and improve your lifestyle! We have you covered here as well! We provide you with Shape Up-Home Workout support group, a way to keep in touch with all participants who use the app and want to share their experiences with the rest of the group. Some of us won’t want to use the support group, others will and it’s totally up to you! This is just another way to help bring the successful structure of our face to face services into the online world. In fact some of our clients choose to train with us face to face once or twice a week and make the most of our App in-between sessions so it’s just another avenue to working out at a time that suits you rather than a time that suits us.

Being at home and not having a trainer encouraging you to keep going can be challenging for some. No accountability often means sessions are missed unless you have the consistent motivation to see results and improve your lifestyle! To assist we have created the Shape Up-Home Workout Facebook Support Group. This group is a way to keep in touch with other app users and use it as a means to share their experiences and progress with each other. This is just our way of bringing a more personalised approach into the online world we live in. Another fantastic option many of our clients choose is to utilise the app to complete additional workouts between your trips to the gym and around other personal training sessions.

Shape Up-Home Workouts is available on both Android and iOS devices. You can sign up for a seven day trial before committing to the program, which will give you an exclusive view of the workouts and all additional material. We’ve had many fantastic five star reviews so far and we plan to continue delivering clients with a quality program that provides results! Feedback is always encouraged to assist with continuous improvement which is why our program has proven beneficial for anyone, anywhere, anytime. Depending on where you come from you can expect to pay anywhere between $20-$35 per month. So join the Shape Up – Home Workout community and see what everyone is raving about!

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