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What's your New years Resolution?

Usually on the 31st of December the question “what’s your New Years Resolution” is generally asked more than once. Whilst it’s great to have some goals in mind, why wait until the clock strikes 12 to begin? The beginning of the year is generally the time that people decide to go on a health kick. Sometimes these only last a couple of days, a week or maybe a month and rarely do they last the entire year. A lot of this has to do with there being such a hype around New Years Resolutions that we get caught up in the moment and make a statement without much thought. A New Years Resolution is almost a “Dream” rather than a “Goal”. What I mean by this is whilst many people want it, a dream is hoping, whilst a goal is all about planning and grabbing it!

We’re not against New Years Resolutions, we’re not necessarily for them either because at Push Your Limits, we focus on long term goals that extend beyond 12 months. Fitness and health can be temporarily, but only if you aren’t sharpening your focus to the future. One thing to think about when making a New Years Resolution is “How committed am I?” and “What’s my end goal?”. These two things along with “How badly do I want the end result” will go a long way to determining if you’ll be in the minority of people who succeed with their New Years Resolution in 2019!

Are you having trouble making your own New Years Resolution? Or do you need help sticking to it? Get in touch to start writing down attainable goals or for assistance with sticking to them.

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year and all the best with achieving your goals in 2019 and beyond.

Justin Beard Pn1


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