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What are the benefits of group training sessions?

There are so many ways in which to get fit. You can go out, go for a run, buy a DVD and follow your favourite workout from home in your leotard or you can jog on down to your nearest group session.

What’s the difference between a Group session and a Personal Training session? Great question! When you turn up to a Personal Training session you’re investing in someone that’s investing solely in you for the 45-60min session that you hire him/ her for. They’re making sure that all your goals are at the forefront of each session so that you reach them in a reasonable timeframe.

Group Training however is where the trainer will have planned a session for a large group of people. In this scene you’re investing in the session and not the trainer (or so to speak). To explain in a little further detail, a large group of people will generally have a range of goals and whilst the trainer will make sure that any prior injuries are accounted for, the session will be the same for everyone.

The obvious pro’s to taking part in Group Training is the significantly reduced rate. You could expect to pay anywhere between $5-$15 for a Group Training session lasting 45min-60min. You also get the camaraderie that you may not have in a Personal Training session and you don’t have the full attention of your trainer so should you need a slight breather there’s every chance you could get away with it (but only a little one).

Whilst private sessions allow you to focus on areas of personal weakness, group sessions allow you to build teamwork and achieve your goals together. And it helps having training partners who motivate (and sometimes push you) to better results. For instance, do you need to have a tailored training program for your goals or would a solid 45min-60min hit out be more suitable? Don’t like training in big groups? It works for some, but others aren’t as sociable and work better in a 1 on 1 setting so this could be an issue for them.

Regardless, we see a place for Group Training and Personal Training in the fitness industry for a long time to come yet. Both Group Training and Personal Training have the ability to push you to greater physiques. To find out what work out style will best suit you, get in touch with the Push Your Limits team to learn more.

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