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What are Macronutrients?

How much should we really be eating when it comes to Macronutrients? Seems like a question with many answers doesn’t it? No two people are the same and therefor who’s to know exactly how much we really should be eating?

Earlier on we spoke about the different ways in which we use energy, the different body types, the loss of fluid and the list goes on. We also looked at how to get a rough estimate of your daily required calorie intake but remembering that this is nowhere near accurate and thus can’t/ shouldn’t be something that we solely rely on so when it comes to Macronutrients, how much and how many should we actually be consuming and how do we find out what’s right for us as an individual?

An easier way to look at portion sizes when considering your next meal is by comparing your hand to the fat, carb, protein and veggie portions. Let us explain the theory. You might be looking at the person next to you and thinking, they’re bigger than me so surely they’ll be eating more come meal time! This is true, they should be and if they use their hands they’ll get a rough idea just as you will, of how much they need to consume. This varies from men to women but the idea being, “the bigger the person, the bigger the hand and thus the bigger the portion size” so it makes it relatively easy to follow.

Another reason the Hand Portion Guide works well is because your hands follow you everywhere and it’s an easy system to follow once you remember the 4 measurements below.

Protein Portions = Your Palm Carbohydrate Portions = Cupped Hand Fat Portions = Thumb Veggie Portions = Fist

It’s suggested that men have 2 of each portion size and women have 1. Over the course of the day (if you’re active) you would be looking to have 4 meals so following this guideline is a great starting point.

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