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Mindset and the role it plays

Mindset. We hear about it all the time, training, in the workplace and simply all day every day, but what does it mean and how do we use it to deliver better results?

It’s a powerful thing mindset. When you’re down in the dumps, the worlds against you and you’re struggling to get up out of bed, mindset plays a part. On the flip side of that, when everything just seems to go right and no matter what you do, or what you try turns to gold, that’s mindset!

On numerous occasions we’ve struggled. My squash career was quite a tough one, barely enough money to make the next leg of my tour, quite often staying in the cheapest accommodation and to start off with, very few wins. I chose to take every challenge head on and look at it as an experience rather than seeing it as a reason to quit and look for work elsewhere. I believe that it was my mindset that enabled me to get through the tough times and take advantage of the opportunities later in my career when they arose.

I’m a big believer in “everything happens for a reason” which may be my way to justify bad things happening every now and then in the hope of something good happening a little later but, it’s an effective way for me to cope.

When we work with clients, we’re bound to see results that the client would deem “poor” or simply “negative”. There’s generally a reason that this has occurred, maybe their time away from the gym hasn’t been treated the way it could’ve been, or they’ve had a setback through injury or whatnot. Mindset plays a big part here as well so we get our clients to look at the positive things that have occurred over the last 5-10 weeks in an attempt not only to get them to see what they’ve achieved but to add some positive vibes because average news can cloud our judgement and a negative can quite often over ride 2-3 positives (just how our mind works).

Put simply, positive vibes attract positive outcomes and negative vibes attract negative outcomes. Rarely will you incur a positive result with a negative mindset so if you’re struggling at the moment, let’s try and put a positive spin on it and see how you go. It’s a very simple concept with powerful repercussions.

Get in touch to maximise the benefits of a positive mindset.

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