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How should we drink water?

Fast or slow?

We’ve been having some very interesting chats with our clients when it comes to Nutrition. One important topic seems to pop up more than most and it’s surprising that the same mistakes are being made by A LOT of people. The topic being water! What’s to know? Drink 2L a day, consume another 1L via your food and on an average day this is perfect right? Unfortunately one area we missed in our chapter on Water was the importance of drinking water slowly. Our bad!

When a client came to us discussing how she was unable to sleep and that it’d been an issue for quite some time, we looked into her paperwork and started asking questions. It didn’t take long to find out that she’d been drinking a considerable amount of water, going to the bathroom quite a bit and seeing a clear colour when looking at her urine. We then asked 1 very important question! Do you sip or do you skull? It turns out that she indeed skulls her water and in doing so has prevented her body from absorbing the water into her system.

But why the clear colour in her urine? Quite simply, she was drinking the water so quickly that it was going straight through her and she didn’t get the benefits that someone consuming the same amount per day would.

When she changed her habit of skulling, she instantly had improved sleeping patterns and an abundance of energy.

So if you find yourself skulling water or constantly or spending a large portion of your day running back and forth to the toilet, consider slowing your water intake and take note of the effects. You may find yourself sleeping better, with new found energy or even losing weight! Water is the core of our nutrition so it pays to take some time to think about just how you go about drinking it!

Hope you found as much value in this information as some of our other clients have.

Justin Beard Pn1


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