How much water should I drink per day and why?

Basic but important!

We know that a lot of you will begin reading this chapter and find yourself saying “I already knew that” or “Obviously!” but hang with us and we’ll explain the importance of water to you.

Basics are important, they’re the core of everything we do but when something is so simple that we do it almost without thinking, how often do you think we forget to complete it…..I mean, if we’re not thinking about it, what's going to trigger the action? Going back to our days as a Professional athlete there were a number of things that we took for granted, we were constantly reminded of the basic requirements that took little effort but played a BIG part in our success but now we’re coaching, we’re finding ourselves repeating the basics over and over to clients that have the ability but have placed their focus in other areas that they believe to be more important. Do you see where we’re going with this? No? Water is the basic but important part of our health that we quite often forget about, because it’s SO SIMPLE!

Now we’re guessing you’ve heard that you require 2L per day which is the equivalent of 8 cups? Well it’s actually 3L but this is just an average and it most certainly doesn’t take into account the weather conditions or physical activity.

Water makes up over half of our combined body weight, 55-60% in fact! Water is soaked up by our cells and is know as intracellular fluid and the water on the outside of our cells is known as extracellular fluid, approximately 2/3 of the water is intracellular.

The different cells within the body contain different amounts of water such as:

Bone: 20% Fat Tissue: 25% Muscle and Brain Tissue: 75% Blood: 83% Eyes: 95%