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Creating a flexible lifestyle for everyone

It was eight years ago when we first launched our Online Training services. Back then it went by a different name, then another and then another before we settled on Shape Up Home Workouts. Shape Up was designed to give our clients the support they needed at the lowest possible price and at the flexibility that they required. We have always found that in order to provide a great working relationship with our clients, one or both of us were required to show some level of flexibility. In-fact, in the past we have simply had to tell potential new clients that we simply couldn't make it work on our end. This is not only frustrating for the client but also ourselves and should that happen to the same client with another trainer, they may just give up on the idea altogether. Our clients thoroughly enjoyed Shape Up and at times we had in excess of 25 clients taking advantage of the follow along workouts, client support and community network. Unfortunately for us though we would have required another 70 just to make it worth our time and thus we called it a day. We hired some help to discover new alternatives on the ideas, structures and previous ventures and we have finally found something that works for both us and our clients. Enter Push Your Limits Online Coaching. We charge out at the rate of a standard PT session however we do so for an entire weeks worth of programming, communication, accountability and support! Clients are provided with access to an app where we provide individualised workouts addressing each of their goals just as we would if we met them for a one on one session. Not everyone has the ability to train each day and with that in mind we structure everyones workouts on their very own calendar and only on their chosen days. Each exercise comes with a video demonstration of that exercise and of course an alternative just in case they're needing a challenge or a slightly easier workout. On completion of their workout they hit "complete workout" and we receive an instant notification letting us know that they're on track for the day. This benefits our clients greatly as they no longer need to purchase multiple sessions each week. They save money, receive more attention, more sessions and workout whenever they're available! For us though, we want our clients to feel valued and of course see value in the service, so we work with other businesses so that we can then offer those to our clients. Providing these discounts have helped our clients look and feel better and of course look after their body. We must say that the biggest hit is our New Balance connection where clients receive a hefty chunk off the full sum of their running/ walking shoes. So this is a little insight into our online coaching program and we hope that it eliminates any prior thoughts of those programs simply emailed in PDF form every 4 weeks with minimal contact. We certainly want our clients communication with us throughout the week and we want to continue providing nothing but value in each and every service that we offer. Want to hear more about our program? Send us an email, text or even give us a call, we'd love to chat.


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