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A Nostalgic Reunion with Victorian SQUASH Coaches

In a delightful turn of events, we recently had the pleasure of reconnecting with Victorian coaches, some of whom we hadn't seen in over two decades. The reunion was not only a trip down memory lane but also an opportunity to catch up with old friends and mentors who played a pivotal role in my formative years.

The highlight of the trip, where I myself was coaching youngsters, was stepping onto the court with none other than the illustrious Anthony Hill, a former world number 5. For me, it was a dream come true – a chance to share the court with a figure I looked up to during my younger days. The experience was not just a demonstration but a nostalgic journey through the sport that has in many ways shaped my life. I've attached the video below of the short but sweet demonstration Anthony and I completed. You can read more about my own squash coaching services here: Squash Coaching with Push Your Limits Personal Training



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