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Common Sense and Respect (my story)

It’s interesting when I talk to parents and grandparents about the turn society has taken in that everything is so heavily scrutinised and sometimes having fun has turned into bullying somewhere along the line.

Growing up, I had many problems at school. I wasn’t behaving poorly, simply just experimenting how best to make a new friend but quite often missing the mark and simply causing more problems for myself in the long run. I quite often joke about the fact that I’m a fast runner today because I’d spent so long running away from others at school but really, I’m not sure if you really get over that kind of thing and if you do, it sure takes a while.

I rarely had the support of others and had even less support from the teachers within the school. Back then, it was too hard to fix the problem and the only solution was to move the child that was getting bullied. Not ideal. I feel as if I had the same problem today it’d be treated in a completely different manner, this may be a good thing but I could see both sides to the argument.

Today we’re extremely sensitive to feelings, labelling and pretty much everything. It’s creating a world where people walk on eggshells as we try not to offend anyone. Go back 50 years and “toughen up” would be the most commonly used phrase. Watching our older clients communicate with the younger clients is fascinating but somehow, both generations respect the needs and beliefs of the other and they all get along. This brings me to my point, common sense, an understanding of others views and a willingness to treat those as you wish to be treated shouldn’t be laughed at or treated lightly. I know that my life could/ would be completely different had I had someone around who understood what I was trying to do and help guide me.

Once starting my PT career, I threw my “treat others how you yourself would wish to be treated” philosophy into my clients. Seeing a trainer or going to the gym for the first time is an intimidating place and some of our clients have had similar experiences as I have. My attitude has allowed my clients to feel comfortable (some for the first time) being able to communicate problems that they’ve had, train in front of me and eventually train in front of others.

It’s not a revolution, we’re not the only people to treat others with respect, but seeing the response that we receive makes us wonder why people look to cause trouble?

We love helping others and I hope that sharing some of my experiences not only helps you understand me, but helps just one person relate. Feel free to get in touch and share your story.

Justin Beard Pn1


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