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Am I getting sick?

Could These Tips Help?

As we’ve been informed, it’s the season of the dreaded cold and flu. What’s this have to do with Nutrition Education? Well, we can help in the prevention of getting sick just by looking at what we eat, drink and how we sleep. Below, we’ll detail a list of things that you can do to help you stay happy and healthy all year round.

  1. Eat Vegetables! Eating Green Leafy Vegetables allows your body to receive a balanced diet due to the rich vitamin content they contain. They’re responsible for sending a chemical signal to the body that boosts specific cell-surface proteins that are responsible for creating an efficient immune system.

  2. Sleep! It’s a very well known fact that a run down body is a body more likely to get stuck with a runny nose and sore throat so it should be of no surprise when we tell you that sleep is very important for you to recharge the batteries and tackle the following day with the same gusto that you attack every other day!

  3. Alcohol: Alcohol has been known to affect the dendritic cells, a very important part of the bodies immune system. If you’re a big drinker and have been for a while, you can find yourself at an increased risk of bacterial and viral infections.

  4. Vitamin C : There’s no proof that Vitamin C will shorten the length or the severity of a cold/ flu but studies dating back to 2006 have shown that Vitamin C can create a barrier to ward them off long enough for your body to recover and prevent getting sick. Vitamin C can be found in both fruits and veggies and by eating the colour of the rainbow at meal time, you’re probably getting the required amount in your diet.

  5. Green Tea: Green Tea has been around for centuries and with it, the knowledge that it helps keep you healthy. Having a couple of cups a day has a few extra benefits such as lowering blood pressure and lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease.

  6. Exercise: As we will talk about shortly, staying active helps circulate white blood cells at a much faster rate and in doing so helps the body keep the cold bugs at bay. Staying active also reduces stress which can play a big factor in getting run down and eventually becoming sick.

  7. Healthy Practice: Your body is a temple and therefore you should treat it like one otherwise it will rebel. Eating healthy and drinking plenty of water will help you remain full of energy before you go for a long run or starting a big day of work. Just think, if you had 5km worth of fuel in your car and 10km to travel to your next appointment it’s inevitable that your car won't make the trip so why would you put your body through the same stress?

Once again these suggestions won’t blow your mind, you might already know about some if not all of these but it’s about making sure you’re following them if you plan on avoiding the bugs this season.

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