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January 18, 2018

"Very enjoyable caters for all fitness levels great team environment. Very passionate instructor gets results and no one gets left behind!!" 


October 29, 2017

"I’ve been training with Justin for 5 months now, did an eight week challenge with awesome results and joined team running works. And he gave me the confidence to tackle and complete my first ever marathon. Now to decide on my next fitness goal"



November 24 at 9:01 PM 

"Justin is amazing! He helped me get 500g under my goal for my wedding day and I felt amazing. Not only is he encouraging and helpful, he is friendly and lots of fun. Justin is a fantastic PT. He is able to understand your fitness level and build upon that towards your personal goals.

Justin factors nutrition, lifestyle, health, education and exercise to achieve your target and dream body. He is able to meet me anywhere and anytime across Adelaide to fit in with my busy schedule."


December 18, 2018

"Over the past 10ish weeks of training with Justin I've seen some huge changes in myself.

Some physical - I've lost 16cms, I can now do exercises I really struggled with in the past and a lot of the pain I had before starting has gone.

Mentally though, that's the biggest change so far. My attitude towards exercise and health in general is doing a 180. I look forward to exercising and I'm trying things I thought would be impossible to do. I'll push myself a bit more because Ithink I actually am capable of doing the thing. And if I can't push myself, Justin can. I really appreciate the support and encouragement, and I love that he's not a shouty TV kind of personal trainer! Plus the couple of times I've had pain in my knee and ankle, the trigger point sessions have been brilliant and helped a ton.

I'm really looking forward to continuing in the new year, setting some more defined goals and achieving them, and more parkrun!"

Our clients think we are one of the best personal trainers in Adelaide. See fo yourself their testimonials below, sharing their thoughts and stories about their journey with Push Your Limits Personal Training.


November 19, 2018

"I had a trigger point session reluctantly with Justin. I have had many Physio and massage and needling, scraping etc on my calf muscles, ITB etc etc. I didn't want to do this trigger point as nothing else had worked and no other people had identified my knee/leg problem.. But he was persistent!! After doing a trigger point on my ITB on my REALLY bad side, my leg felt 100%. No pain. Lots of movement and no knee pain. After another session on my calfs it was amazing!! Just smashed 8 minutes of my PB and am really excited for the future. It is impossible to run your best when your muscles are tight!! Big thanks!!" 


January 24

"Justin has been training myself and my husband for just under a year now. Highly recommend you get in touch with him if you are looking for a really genuine and down-to-earth personal trainer. He is always willing to go the extra mile, is a wealth of information and genuinely cares about each individual client. We have done both his private personal training sessions, and his online coaching program, and really love the variety, challenges, support to develop good technique and quality banter"


January 18, 2018

"What a fantastic group. Justin is very focused and professional in bringing fitness and technique to his group. We are like a close family when it comes to training. Very enjoyable but at the same time effective with fantastic results. Thank you."



March 11

"Was out for tea after a racquetball tournament with Justin and the gang when I got major cramp, which was agonising. Justin came to the rescue and aided in stretches which reduced the cramping instantly. The next day he did pressure point therapy and now I feel 100%. I highly recommend him and his professionalism"


"Brilliant. I always work harder with Justin than I ever expect to. It's exactly as it's written on the wall "Push Your Limits". Thanks mate."


August 20, 2017

"I have been doing group sessions, PT and the occasional parkrun with Justin for 4 months and have seen great results in this time. He is passionate about fitness and is very friendly and approachable. Each session is challenging but also fun. Justin is very motivating and encourages me when I ever doubt my ability. Thank you Justin, I couldn't have gotten this far without your help!"


August 12, 2017

"I started with the group boxing sessions once a week over a year ago, and have progressed to 3 group session a week plus team running, once a week when work allows. I enjoy the camaraderie, we have fun and in the sessions you never know what's in store so no chance of getting bored. A great bunch of people"


October 18, 2016

"Cosi from Channel 9 here. Justin has ran me 400km in 4 months! Great trainer!! First run I could only do one km. Now I can do 14km non stop ! Legend"



"So 5 weeks and 10kg gone and to boot my sessions are lots of fun so makes exercising easy. Thanks Justin for being an awesome trainer and helping me love exercise again. Everyone you need this PT in your life now!!!!"


June 2, 2017

"Been doing PT and group sessions with Justin for about 7 weeks now and has changed my life around already!! Done things I never thought I could do, I would never have done them without him pushing me and persisting in getting me through the tough times! Not only psychical changes but mentality changes also! Would recommend 100%!"


July 28, 2016

"Justin has trained Anthony in squash for two years now....or is it more JB??...he has been a fantastic mentor and coach which has seen Anthony grown exponentially in his squash skills.

Personally, I have trained with Push Your Limits for a few months and have joined the running team for Saturday morning Parkruns! Justin has been fantastic in motivating me to increase my running speed! Love how he always comes back to get us and push us during our running to keep chasing that personal best! My time has improve by more than two minutes since I started with Push Your Limits!

Thanks for your great motivation, JB, and most of all for believing in us!

If you want to reach some exercise and health goals, I urge you to have a chat with Justin!!"



February 10, 2016

"Justin is an awesome personal trainer and he has motivated me to making progress towards better fitness and wellbeing. He has a great attitude and is easy to talk to."


April 27, 2017

"I started training with Justin after a parkrun where I was struggling to finish it until Justin gave me the support I needed to finish the 5kms. 
In the few months that I've been training with Justin I have not only lost weight I can also see positive changes both physically & mentally. Justin has motivated, encouraged & inspired me to push my limits all while believing in my abilities. Justin is very supportive, easy to talk & get along with making it that much easier to achieve all your goals"


July 19, 2016

"Justin is amazing at making the hardest things seem simple, he manages to make you believe in your abilities to push your limits. I look forward to my group sessions with Justin each week. If you are after group or PT sessions where you are pushed to your limits but still can have a great laugh then i highly recommend Justin at Push you limits personal training"


July 16, 2016

"I started with Push Your Limits 8 weeks after giving birth to my first child. Justin was really understanding, still pushing me but not beyond what my body was able to handle after giving birth. He gave me exercises to work on at home to help strengthen up the muscles that had been stretched & weakened during pregnancy & labour. Almost 6months on & my core & fitness has improved immensley! Boxing class is a great work out with sweat, fun & laughter! Can not speak any more highly of Justin & Push Your Limits!"


"Justin (Beardie) has been training me for six months with a focus on squash performance. I play Premier League. When I first started training with him, I couldn't win a first game on match night. Now I win first game almost every match, and I win most matches. He has a great understanding of conditioning and his approach is powerful and effective. I am stronger, fitter and more confident on the court. I wouldn't think about any other PT!!! This guy is worth his weight in gold"




"I have been doing group boxing with Justin for a while now and just recently started in his RunningWorks team for the Lochiel Park Run and am really loving it. Justin is a very motivational trainer who has pushed me to my limits! Even through all the sweat and hard work each session is full of laughs and I look forward to it each week! So if you are looking to get fit you should definitely check out Push Your Limits Personal Training!"


June 6, 2016

"Since starting my weightloss/strength journey I have encountered some amazing people and mentors... one of them being Justin from Push Your Limits. My new found strength and ability 'to last the distance' is amazing and due to Justin's lets do it attitude, I am now 12kgs lighter and have 2.5kg of new found muscle!!! Thank you Justin for your continual support ... yr a star!"


"I would like to thank Justin for all his help over the last few weeks. Push Your Limits is a great training experience from group boxing which is a lot of fun and hard work to all the help that you get outside of the training seasons. I have just completed my third 5k parkrun with the RunningWorks team which Justin leads and all the help that he offers has improved my times each week. I would highly recommend Push Your Limits to anyone who would like a great time whilst also getting a great workout with a great bunch of people. I know that it has help me a great deal"



February 10, 2016

"...When I was introduced to Justin in July 2017 when I started his strength and conditioning classes. Well I can say from that day my life has completely changed and I now have goals and achievements i could never imagine could ever happen...."


"PT/Training sessions daunting to you? Try Push Your Limits. I love it.

Justin has been awesome in assisting me in building my fitness level even while suffering niggling injuries. I have toned up in such a short time and this helps my confidence as i am on a weight loss journey too.

The "Strength and Conditioning" group session on Tuesday morning is fun and effective"


"I've promised for a while that would put up a short review for Justin so here goes. As I've a wedding in the UK later in the year and didn't want to be the fat bloke from Down Under I needed to do more than have a couple of squash hits a week.

So I spoke to Justin and we agreed to work on weight loss as well as general strength and fitness. Over 5 weeks he has put together varied and different sessions all of them interesting and also hard work! But Justin has kept me supported and motivated through the tough bits - good bloke!

And the outcome is 4kg lost in 5 weeks, big improvements in beep test/wall squats/press ups and sit ups plus racking up best squash results in 5 years as i'm already fitter and stronger. Only going forwards now!

If you want a trainer with a great positive attitude who you can believe in knowing he has done the work himself both in his squash career and after you can't go wrong with Justin!"


"Justin creates training that "push your limits" but you will still have a smile on your face whilst doing it. Would recommend him to anyone :)"


"Justin is a dedicated young kind energetic trainer.

If you're thinking of using him as a pt, I suggest you do it. Especially if your wanting a trainer who cares about what you want.
I went to him wanting to give myself some upper body strength. I had lost 27kg before I started with this pt. But I was as weak as a kitten. I loathed strength training. I could do cardio but desperately needed more muscle to prevent a slow down in my metabolic rate (so I could keep eating a decent amount of calories).

Well this guy just got me doing things that I loathed. But he did it with encouragement and kindness. He also handled my occasional potty mouth. He had me moving my upper body. I had no idea I would start to get a love hate relationship with training (instead of just hate).

I can now do my own weights at home. Willingly do my own strength training. In fact, I actually now enjoy my weight routine. That is a miracle. Justin showed me what to do and how to do it. He built a strength in me that I have never possessed. A strength that I now refuse to loose. He trained me so I can train myself. I am now stronger in my upper body. 

Thanks Justin. You do gr8 work"

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