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Personal Training

Personal Trainer in Adelaide

Personal Training is exactly that, personal! In this one on one setting we sit down at the beginning of the first session to set out goals that or clients have. From here, our personal trainer helps you plot exactly how we’re going to attain these goals over a set amount of weeks, months and sometimes years (should these be long term goals).

The first thing we let our clients know are that everyone is different. This is important to remember when comparing your results to others and wondering why you’re not seeing the same results in the same time frame as they are. We don’t all run off the same system and it can take some time find the setting that works for you.

We find that Personal Training suits several types of clients. Clients that don’t like training in big groups for the fear of being judged by others and those that want the one on one attention that brings both good form and a great workout!

One-on-One Personal Training

If you’re looking for the sole attention of your trainer or you don’t like training in groups, one on one personal training will be the right fit for you. When you have goals and you’re determined to reach them, one on one personal training will get you there quicker and safely!

Semi-Private Personal Training

At Push Your Limits Personal Training we are all about support and a sustainable program. Sometimes the support we need is working out with a friend, partner or family member that can help us stay on track. With all the focus that you'd expect to receive in a one on one session mixed with the comfort of a friend! It really is the best of both worlds.

Group Sessions

Perfect for those who want to work out with friends so you can work on your fitness in a more relaxed environment. Where interaction with other participants is just as important as your workout, give our Group Sessions a go.

Mobile Personal Training

This service is perfect for those that want the interaction with a Trainer but simply don't have the time to travel. Our trainer comes to you and brings all of the equipment so you have more time for yourself, family and friends. You can find out more about our mobile personal training and prices on our mobile personal training page.


What's involved in personal training sessions?


Our first session is the Testing Session. Our personal trainer will meet with your in Adelaide and give you 4 exercises to complete for a total of 2 minutes and ask you to attain the highest number of repetitions possible in this time. We use this down the track to compare the numbers and track your improvements. Measurements are also taken so that when a client cant see a change in weight, it’s good to know that it’s due to muscle gain and a slimmer physique (rather than a negative result).

At the beginning of each session and at the end of each session we go through all warm up exercises with you to make sure you limit your risk of injuries.  Our trainer will then go through each workout with you, demonstrating each exercise and watching you as you go through the session to make sure that your form is correct. Technique is one of the most important values at Push Your Limits Personal Training and therefore our motto “No Shortcuts” is there to make sure that no one gets injured by performing an exercise poorly. At the end of the session we take you through all of the cool down stretches. This is to make sure that you do everything possible to reduce soreness in the days proceeding the session and allow you to exercise days, instead of weeks later. 


Once your session is completed, we encourage you to communicate with us to help with any issues, questions and to let you know that you’re not going on this journey alone.






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