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Nutrition Coaching

HEALTHY EATING and nutrition

Nutrition Coaching uses a proven structured system that allows us to help you achieve your healthy eating and sustainable lifestyle goals and work towards them over a period of time.


Almost everyone knows that a takeaway burger and deep fried foods are bad for us. Saying that, the knowledge alone is simply not enough of a deterrent to help us make healthier life choices. Once we start making poor food choices it’s hard to stop. It’s hard to stop craving them, to stop eating them and you constantly have this feeling of being drawn back to them. We all know this can be tough and having a bit of help, guidance and motivation will help you get through the tough challenge of phasing out these foods and moving towards a healthy eating lifestyle. That’s where we come in. Our program is tailor made for each of our clients so that you get the results that you desire. 


Still not convinced? The fitness industry can be a scary world without even thinking about nutrition. This is why our program can be a massive help as we take care of that part for you! Over the next 6-12 months (the length of our programs) we work in partnership with you to deliver a structured plan and give you the information that will set you on the right path to achieve your goals. To make it easier we do this at your own pace as this will make your goals more realistic and results are more likely to follow. 


You’ll have access to your Nutrition Coach on a regular basis via both phone and email. You’ll join a Facebook support group where everyone in the program can support each other and on top of that you’ll receive a coaching session each fortnight at a time that best suits you. 


As with everything, value for money is the most important thing to us and that’s why we value service. We treat each client differently as let’s be honest, we are all a little bit different to the next person which is totally fine. This is why no two programs will be the same. One client may struggle with sleep, the next with water intake and others with both. As a result we put plans into place for each different client and of course they’re all going to be individualised! 


If you are still a little unsure about what to expect and are interested in finding out more, please don’t hesitate to contact us via phone, email or social media and we’ll be more than happy to help answer all of your questions. Remember it’s not about quick fixes, it’s about a lifestyle change. 




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